Logo A was created for a futsal company called Futsanity. I adjusted the chosen font to make it my own and created soccer ball in Illustrator. Logo B was used for a rebranding project for a restaurant. Even though it is a submarine sandwich shop, the original logo looked more like it was made for a Mexican restaurant. Logo C was created for the International Child Advocacy Network for their 20th Year Celebration Gala. #1 is just a regular, flat version of the logo, while #2 has some embossing in the 20. #3 has that same embossing in the 20 and also a gradient in the ribbon. Logo D was created for a new product for strengthening knees. Logo E was created for a local home loans company.

Project Type:

Logo Design

Programs Used:

Photoshop, Illustrator

Project Length:

3 Months Total For All